Cedi Font typeface is a single-weight display font that is based on the fluid handwritten style of a work colleague. This design is a fast-flowing script that is both lively and original yet equally legible due to its defined letterforms and open forms. Despite working well in a regular format, during the design process I started to look at ligatures as a solution for solving some problematic combinations.


However, this small implementation soon got vastly expanded as I started to focus on the rhythm of the letterforms and how best to convey the hand-drawn feature in the design. A common problem in most script fonts is the repeating letterforms that would be particularly unnatural for this manual typeface, therefore hinting at its digital source. The ligature concept soon evolved into over 2400 ligatures, trying to cover all repeating glyphs as well as finding more harmonious combinations. This design was created for use in small text settings and use at large point sizes suiting titles, screen use, or logo designs.


Cedi Font Preview

Cedi Font

Cedi Font

Cedi Font




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